Not commissioned, I did this piece for myself. I choose white pines because of my love of their beauty and lore.

The white pine is more than Michigan’s State Tree, it has a huge history throughout North American history. White Pines have been known as “green gold” for their value during the logging era. In fact, the amount of money made by logging in the late 19th and early 20th century equaled that of the California gold rush.

White Pines are also known as “wind pines” in writings by poets throughout the years. If you stand in the middle of an Old Growth forest in summer and listen, you can hear what sounds like a waterfall in the distance. This sound is actually the sound of the wind through the tree tops. Written about in history, and used for centuries by the U.S. and England, the White Pine built Chicago twice and the biggest and best were reserved solely for the use of the Queen of England for ships masts.