I was born and raised on a dairy farm just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shortly after my ninth birthday, my family relocated to Grayling, Michigan. After high school, I attended Western Michigan University to pursue my passion in art. During my last few years of college, while home for the summer, I landed an interpretive job at Hartwick Pines State Park.

By the fall of 1998, I attained my B.A. and promptly came home to the job I loved and the beauty surrounding Northern Michigan. I developed my love of Michigan’s native animals, flowers and trees by leading visitors of the park on guided nature tours. This was my summer job while during the year, I taught art to ages K-5 for years.

After the art program was cut in the area, I moved on to Kirtland Community College as a welcoming place to work year round. I stayed there for 7 years, working in the printshop and honing my skills in graphic arts and printing, all the while continuing to do my art.

For the next few years, I was self employed  and living in the city of El Paso, Texas, however I remained Northern Wood Expressions, as it is where my heart resided.We spent over 2 years exploring Texas and enjoying all that amazing state and the most amazing state of New Mexico had to offer us. The sunsets were stunning, the sky’s were massive and the mountains were nothing less than astounding. Despite my growing love for this part of the country and often, its temperatures, we officially moved back to Northern Michigan in December of 2012 where we once again reside.

Now back in Michigan for almost a year, we spent the summer exploring our own state. Back to basics, I call it, we are back to Michigan and once again doing art again in the great white north. Although I am still doing my pyrography on demand, I have a growing passion for photography that was spurned by the beauty of New Mexico and Texas. I and my partner have begun offering our photos as well. Be sure to watch for the coming photo portfolio of the Southwest and now, Michigan once again.

Thank you for visiting my website and enjoy the view.