Finding Your Inspiration

hartwick-pinesWell, it has been a long time since I have written, and I will explain why. I am an artist and as such, everything in my life MUST BE INSPIRED!! I know, I have already written about inspiration, but what would life be without inspiration really? I firmly believe that life is nothing if it is not inspired. We can spend our whole life going through the motions of life, “living” life without truly living it and believing that it is enough. Then one day, inspiration hits and we realize that life has been nothing! Inspiration in life is life. Not just in art, but in our music, in our work, in our daily tasks, in our writing, in everything we do.

Until recently, I have had moments of inspiration, fleeting glances at what life could truly be if only I was really completely inspired in all aspects of my life not just some. Events have transpired that have opened my eyes to the true beauty of life as a whole. Not just parts of life, but all life. Everything becomes bigger, brighter and more beautiful. Art, not just creation, but truly inspired art is now my yearning. I find myself writing down ideas because I don’t want to forget them as they come pouring out of my head, free flowing, stunning, awe inspiring, amazing art.

This post represents my birth….no longer afraid to write again for fear of it paling in comparison to my last post, which was my last glimmer if true inspiration in my writing. I am truly inspired in my life. It shows in my ability to comprehend, my ability to learn, my ability to grow in all aspects of my life and my ability to accept the changes that have occurred in my life.

I have been told that I am cheesy and cliche, and yes, I am! That is who I am, I love life, I love love, I love art, music, writing, inspiration, creation, birth, the stars, the sun, the sky, growing and changing, I love it all. I feel blessed to be in this place in my life. I thank everyone who has been and is NOW with me as I continue my journey to true inspiration in my life.