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el pasoI have never been accused of being able to focus on any one thing this is for certain. Neither age nor time nor even knowledge have gotten me any closer to this. So for this reason, this long overdue post will represent exactly who I am to the very core. It will be most likely to long, for certain a bit jumpy and I may even exaggerate some, who knows….point is, it will be from my heart with the intention of telling anyone who cares to read, what my inspiration is today and will be for years to come….welcome to my life in El Paso.

The Beginning

As a somewhat skilled writer, I do understand that I need to somewhat break this up, however, I am nothing if not stubborn and childlike!! I am bursting to tell the world where my art is, where my motivation lies and where I have been for months…I will start at sort of the beginning, with my inspiration.

After I met my inspiration and decided to let my life lead me where it would, I was headed to El Paso Texas on a plane one cool March morning to begin a new life in a foreign land. I wrote while I sat on the plane…here is what I wrote in part…….


So perhaps the oddest feeling of my entire life at this very moment. Sitting packed like a sardine in the3 middle of the back of a crowded noisy plane. Good thing is my neighbor is from Minnesota originally and she moved to el paso 10 years ago and loves it. Im sure that I will too.

To the left of me, a guy is officially falling the hell asleep, he spent the first 20 min with his head in his hand, now he has given up and is slumped over , his neck is really going to hurt!

So on to the odd parts. First of all, I am on my way to live in El Paso, and I don’t live in Michigan anymore, just saying, that is a bit odd to say the least. Last night Harm said I can’t believe YOU are actually just picking up and leaving and moving to Texas, she is absolutely right, who would’ve believed it! No one close to me besides she seemed surprised at all, but now that I am just literally a half hour from my new home, I find it a little hard to believe myself!

The last year has been a journey of self discovery, a time of growth and change, confidence and self exploration, that of course lead up to a culmination of everything I have been looking for in my life with the opportunity for new love and to renew and start over on something that could have been so many years ago, if I were ready then…

Ok onto the other reason that this is odd, apart from the obvious, there is no ground, the clouds below us look like a Charmin commercial right now, or maybe the care bears from back in the day! It looks like Antarctica outside, a snowy mountainous landscape and of course it isn’t, but feels a bit more like what I am accustomed too, at least at this point in my life.

So all in all, this is by far the most crazy, unexpected to many, most important decisions I have ever made in my life and I never once questioned if it was the right thing to do! I don’t know why this was such an easy decision, I just know it was, but it didn’t come close to feeling like anything but a dream till right now, it will most definitely take some time to adjust , but I am looking forward to every day I have with her no matter where it is forever….

On The Plane to El Paso…………..An addendum to the story.

Ok so aside from the fact that it feels incredibly bizarre that I am on my way across the f’ing country to live in a desert, where incidentally one of my most inspirational artists in my life did the vast majority of her stunning work, there is something more about this that blows me away.

I am blown away by the love, inspiration, and encouragement from the person I love. Just 100% happy when we are together, and can’t think when we are not. In an effort to quell my spirit and fill my soul I am happy to be accepted and desired by the one I desire..completely and without preconceived ideas, without the desire to change and the with the desire to love unconditionally.


Today –   August 2nd 2011

Here I am, sitting in my office, listening to The Sundays, a great band and getting you all caught up with my art and my life, which are and should be synonymous to the artist. I have climbed mountains, spent 100 days without any rain, gotten poked by cactus’, rattled at by a rattle snake, fished in the Rio Grande, experienced a culture where I am a minority and don’t understand many of the population and met amazing people. To top it off, my woodburning has been only a small part of my life as I have painted and been taking thousands of photos. I just can not seem to illustrate to my liking, what it is like here to loved ones back home without a camera and so, my art has changed, at least for the time being.

This leads me to the next announcement,  we will be selling our photos here as well, look for the gallery of new photos to be available to browse soon.  It is a culmination of the many amazing things I have seen and done over the past four months.

In Temporary Conclusion

El Paso is a foreign land to a small town kid from Michigan, yes I am still a kid, believe me :)..It is like nothing I could ever expect, it inspires anger and irritation at times, but it also inspires joy and inspiration and I am blessed to be with someone who does and will encourage me to express my feelings no matter what they are in my art….Thanks for reading, I sincerely hope that you enjoy our photos.

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