Art and Finding Your Peace

warningLocation, location, location….that is what it is all about right? mmmm, maybe not. Happiness is in your heart….right? Ok, well maybe that is it….well, maybe not. Ok, so what it is all about is a combination of both I guess. Generally speaking, I am NOT a fan of El Paso Texas, however, every day that I go outside and see those mountains and every weekend that we head up north to New Mexico becauase it is only a few miles away, I thank God for letting us be here, at least for a while.

So I am going to make it my mission to post at least a lot more than I have been in an effort to show everyone who reads this, the intense beauty of the area. I can’t seem to find my motivation to do much woodburning right now although I am starting to feel it again, however, my desire to paint has most certainly been enhanced, despite the lack of work to show for it. Now to get off my ass and start doing.

Get ready to see what my world is all about and see the naturalist in me again :). As we approach our one year anniversary of my arrival in Texas, my life is completely different than ever before and wonderful, even though I can’t wait to get back to Michigan :). So heres to the mountains and art as I find my peace with life in Texas. I hope you enjoy.